Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Blu-Ray Wish List

With the ludicrous format war long behind us and PS3's helping convince a larger share of the public to try Blu-Rays, it's time to move past being wowed by the quality. Instead, the time is ripe for whining about what films are not yet available in the latest high-def format of choice in America.

Here are some films that I would buy in a heartbeat on Blu. It's not just that they're great films, but most if not all of them are visually interesting pictures that would actually be worth the asking price (especially since most of them I already own in standard format). It should also be noted that some of these films may be rumored to be hitting shelves in the near future, but if there's no definite date set then I'm keeping them on the list.

And finally...

Feel free to post some of your own BD wishes in the Comments section. Perhaps you will mention something I have forgotten.


- 400 Blows, The (1959, dir. Francois Truffaut)
- 8 1/2
(1963, dir. Federico Fellini)
- Alien (1979, dir. Ridley Scott)
- Aliens
(1986, dir. James Cameron)
- Amelie
(2001, dir. Jean-Pierre Jeunet)
- Apocalypse Now (1979, dir. Francis Ford Coppola)
- Batman (1989, dir. Tim Burton)
- Big Lebowski, The
(1998, dir. Joel Coen)
- Boogie Nights
(1997, dir. Paul Thomas Anderson)
- Chinatown
(1974, dir. Roman Polanski)
- Citizen Kane (1941, dir. Orson Welles)
- Conspirators of Pleasure (1996, dir. Jan Svankmajer)
- Do the Right Thing
(1989, dir. Spike Lee)
- E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
(1982, dir. Steven Spielberg) - the original version, please
- Fallen Angels (1995, dir. Wong Kar-Wai)
- Fight Club (1999, dir. David Fincher)
- Graduate, The (1967, dir. Mike Nichols)
- Heavenly Creatures
(1994, dir. Peter Jackson)
- In the Mood for Love
(2000, dir. Wong Kar-Wai)
- Jaws (1975, dir. Steven Spielberg)
- Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The
(2001-2003, dir. Peter Jackson)
- Manhattan
(1979, dir. Woody Allen)
- McCabe & Mrs. Miller
(1971, dir. Robert Altman)
- Microcosmos
- Midnight Cowboy (1969, dir. John Schlesinger)
- Miller's Crossing
(1990, dir. Joel Coen)
- Mulholland Dr.
(2001, dir. David Lynch)
- Pulp Fiction
(1994, dir. Quentin Tarantino)
- Raising Arizona
(1987, dir. Joel Coen)
- Requiem for a Dream
(2000, dir. Darren Aronofsky)
- Rosemary's Baby (1968, dir. Roman Polanski)
- Silence of the Lambs, The
(1991, dir. Jonathan Demme)
- Star Wars Trilogy
- Titanic
(1997, dir. James Cameron)
- Trainspotting
(1996, dir. Danny Boyle)


- Bambi
- Fantasia
- PIXAR (every film they've made)
- Princess Mononoke
(1997, dir. Hayao Miyazaki)
- Spirited Away
(2001, dir. Hayao Miyazaki)

- Preferably every season available of the show listed.

- Lost
- Sopranos, The

- Wire, The
(I'm not even sure how much better this show will look, but it's probably the greatest TV show ever made and a personal favorite of mine)

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